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Squeegee Machines

2013 SealMaster SP-300

  • 320 Gallon, Kubota Diesel

  • Hyd Angle Rear Squeegee

  • Asset #120

Squeegee machines are designed to revolutionize the way you approach asphalt and pavement maintenance. They are meticulously engineered to deliver precise and consistent application of sealants and coatings, ensuring optimal coverage and durability on every surface.  They are versatile enough to handle a wide range of surfaces, adapting seamlessly to various asphalt and pavement maintenance projects. You can rely on them to perform consistently, project after project.

2013 SealMaster SP-575

  • Kubota Diesel

  • Hyd Angle Rear Squeegee

  • Asset #5007

2000 SealMaster SP300

  • Honda V-Twin Engine

  • Rear Squeegee Hyd Angle

  • Asset #100

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